3/10/2016 2:15a

Fixed odds are odds that are not change after you place bet. The odds for these bets are pre fixed. The fixed odds save the punters from the fluctuations in the odds that occur when they place bet and after the event. Fixed odds become fix when you place bet until they are not fixed. If you notice betting in nay cricket market than you will notice that odds fluctuate after punters place bet. In cricket betting tips free they are easily described. This is because they’re regularly updated to reflect changes in factors that affect bookmakers’ calculations of the probabilities of different outcomes. Once you`ve placed a bet, however, you`re shielded from any further changes to the relevant odds.
What do fixed odds represent?
The odds in pool bets indicate which selections are attracting the most bets and the amount of money in the pool. Fixed odds are, however, linked to probability calculations. When they’re displayed as fractional odds, fixed odds for a selection come close to representing the true, relative probability of that selection being successful.